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Hi everyone,
I'm using Dynamik and Genesis as I always do on a new customer's site. I thought I read recently that a blog page is no longer needed, and then found info stating it is. I created a blank page named Blog and under Reading, told WordPress to use that for Posts, but it's giving me a 404 error even tho my customer has about 25 existing old blog posts. She didn't categorize them under the category "blog" though, which is how I'm used to setting up a blog. Can anyone help so that I can set this up for her following any new structure Dynamik and/or Genesis may use? Thanks much!


Setting a blog page as your "Posts page" in Settings > Reading should do the trick. The first thing I would do is try to rule out the Child Theme, in this case Dynamik, just to make sure it's not related to something unique about the Child Theme itself. Then from there I would try to rule out the framework as well (Genesis) by activating the latest default WP theme.

So try installing and activating the Genesis Sample Theme and see if you're still getting the 404 page. I so then try activating the default WP theme. And if that gives you a 404 page as well then we at least know it's not a theme issue at all.

But if any of these changes do in fact fix the problem then this will indicate to us which theme appears to be causing, or at least contributing to, the issue.

Hi Eric! Just tried your suggestions and whether I had a Genesis theme, a WP theme or Dynamik active, I still got a 404 error on the blog page. BUT... after I created a category called "blog" and assigned one of her old posts to it, and then called the category into the navbar instead of the page, the post displays just fine. Maybe I was wrong to assume that the navbar should point to the blog "page" and not a category?


Hmm, that's odd. I've never had to create a special "blog" category and then assign posts to it for this to work. You should be able to just assign a page as your "Posts page" and then it shows your latest blog posts. Maybe you have some odd configuration going on or your posts were created in a unique way? Or maybe I'm just not a WP blog page creating pro and I'm just confused? That's very possible. 🙂


In Dynamik/Design/EZ, have you set the homepage type to EZ Static Homepage?

It is indeed very strange. Her posts date to 2011/2012, so perhaps some artifact stuck in the database causing issues?
@jessbee - I do not. I just have a regular Page configured as the homepage, as I've done on most other sites. The only time I use the EZ settings is if I want to include a multi-column footer.

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