Devkit and Themer Pro Questions

  1. DevKit: When using Devkit can you explain the Image Manager? and why and when I would want to use it? Not sure how this differs from the Media Library. Thanks

  2. Themer Pro: Will Themer Pro work ONLY on the listed themes? Are you using Themer Pro directly with Genesis to create your own Child Themes? Or will Themer Pro work with any or all of the Genesis Child Themes?

  3. Themer Pro: will it work with the Genesis Sample Theme also or do you have to use only Devkit?

  4. Themer Pro: If we wanted to use Themer Pro with another theme how can we find out if the theme is something you would add to your list of themes? Do we contact you directly? Request it here in support?

For example I am using the GeoDirectory Plugin to build a Directory site and they have some Genesis Child Themes, will Themer Pro work with them? In addition they have their own Directory Framework and Directory Starter theme, would you consider adding them to the list of themes that Themer Pro supports?



  1. One of the primary distinctions of DevKit and Themer Pro is that they work exclusively inside the Child Theme itself. This means that your entire design, from the code to the images, is compartmentalized in that theme folder. So if you move it to a different server or just back it up by downloading onto your computer you'll find that all the customizations you made using these two Plugins will be retained. So the difference between the Image Manager and the WP Media Library is that the Media Library stores those images in a folder inside your /wp-content/uploads/ directory. Whereas the Image Manager uploads images directly into your Child Theme's /images/ folder.

  2. Themer Pro works with any of THESE FRAMEWORKS. But that means that it also works with any Child Theme for any of those frameworks. So since it works with the Genesis Framework it also works with any Genesis Child Theme.

  3. See my answer to #2 above.

  4. Either way is fine. But again, it already supports all Genesis Child Themes, so by "another theme" you'd have to mean a theme framework not listed in the link I provided above. But if it's a framework listed or one of those framework's Child Theme then it's already supported by Themer Pro.

Regarding the other questions you had, again see above for your answers. Regarding the "Directory Framework", I'll take note of that, but can't promise anything at the moment. I would use Themer Pro with Genesis and see how that goes and then let me know if you see advantages in using their own framework theme for what you're doing. You may find Genesis to be the safest bet since it's such a highly support framework.

Thanks, Eric, that helps.

  1. Okay, I understand now!
  2. Thanks for clarifying that it works also with any of the Framework Child themes. (I had seen this list)
  3. Makes sense.... but If Themer Pro works with "Genesis Sample" what is the purpose of Devkit? (see below)
  4. I didn't do a good job with that question.... I was speaking of themes other than those listed for Themer Pro. But I understand now.

I have been following the guys at and their recommendations for the fastest themes and that is how I learned about Astra and Generate Press as well as many of the other themes that Themer Pro supports. I have had Genesis for many years as well as Dynamic but haven't kept up with them or used either in the last few years. An SEO that I follow recommends using an HTML5 Theme that is also accessible ready and that is what lead me back to looking at Genesis.

In the Devkit video, you mentioned that the "Genesis Sample" child theme uses many of the latest features of Genesis. So that is why I purchased Devkit. But you recommended to "use Themer Pro with Genesis". Is there any reason for me to use Devkit and the Genesis Sample theme over using Themer Pro with just Genesis?

Thanks... I sure appreciate your help!

I think the big misunderstanding here (understandably so, because it can all be quite confusing) is the difference between DevKit and Themer Pro. Genesis DevKit provides hundreds of point-n-click design controls, while Themer Pro does not. Both Themer Pro and DevKit allow you to create custom versions of Genesis Child Themes (DevKit can only create Sample Themes to start, though), but it's what they do AFTER creating the theme that defines their major difference. DevKit provides tons of point-n-click design controls that allow for quick-n-easy, no-coding required, customization of your theme. Themer Pro, on the other hand, focuses on providing you with professional grade custom coding tools and a slick file system UI. And while DevKit does provide some custom coding tools as well, if you want full control over your theme files then Themer Pro is the way to go.

But what's great is that you can use them together. So you can use DevKit to do most of the customizations, but then Themer Pro is there when you need to really dig into your Child Theme's file and folder.

And of course for total control of your files and folders and coding needs you've got Instant IDE, but that's another discussion, I guess. 🙂

@eric Ahhhh.... that helps me a lot. Thanks for that.

I do have one more question for you and it is about Dynamik. Where does Dynamik fall on the spectrum as compared to Devkit and Themer Pro since it is a Genesis child theme with many of or more features than DevKit?

And a question that I wondered is about the overall weight of Dynamik as far as being a more powerful but heavier theme or a robust lightweight theme. Just not sure how it stacks up.

Thanks again.


Great question! 🙂

Dynamik is kind of the foundational tool of Cobalt Apps that goes back quite a few years. I started with my "Frugal" Theme back in 2009 which turned into our Catalyst framework in 2010 (that included its "Dynamik' Child Theme) and then finally we moved mostly over to Genesis in 2013 which is when "Dynamik for Genesis" or "Dynamik Website Builder" was born. In addition to Dynamik came the Genesis Extender Plugin which is basically all of the Dynamik Custom Options (this was make sense if you've used Dynamik before), but inside a Plugin.

So first, if you wanted essentially all that Dynamik had to offer, but with DevKit instead, just couple DevKit with our more updated Extender Plugin called "Extender Pro". But setting that aside, Dynamik is a Genesis Child Theme, but you can always export its design as a completely independent, hard-coded Genesis Child Theme. While DevKit on the other hand is a Plugin that actually creates the Genesis Child Theme and kind of sits in the background allowing you to tweak your Child Theme, but it can be removed at anytime, leaving your custom Child Theme design fully in tact.

See the following resources for more: (read the section titled "How Does Genesis DevKit Compare To Dynamik?")

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