Instant IDE feature request: deep link for theme file(s)

Hi Eric & community!

I love Instant IDE, it's an awesome tool even if I mostly use its "basic" functionality only.

What I would love to see as a feature is that:
opening a theme file directly in Instant IDE

Why would I need that?
It saves me some clicks and makes everything faster, because I want to use these deep links from other plugins, and in custom code snippets also.
For example I want to use it for some better integrations in my own Toolbar Extras plugin.

For the default Theme this is possible, for example:

esc_url( admin_url( 'theme-editor.php?file=style.css&theme=astra' ) );

I mean something like the above, but only with Instant IDE 😉

Thanks a lot in advance!
Best regards, Dave 🙂

Hey David,

I'm glad to hear you're finding iIDE so useful! 🙂

I understand the basic idea of what you're suggesting, but could you provide some more context to the code snippet you provided? Like where would that be located? What would be a basic use-case scenario?

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