Difficulty in cloning a site to another WP installation

I made a friend of mine a simple site with Dynamik at https://floridakriskringle.com/ (original site) and was hoping to clone that site and put it on a new URL and make some slight edits to it. I made the appropriate backups and restored them to the WP installation at http://newyorkcitysantaclaus.com (new site), but it doesn't display the same and some things just aren't working.

For instance, I can't style the navigation menu at all. The homepage is setup as an EZ Home 2 configuration and I have the navigation menu in the header right widget, but it doesn't take any of the styling I have dictated in Dynamik>Design>Header Nav. All the settings on the new site (NYC) are the same as the way it is on the original site (Florida).

Also the content hugs the left side of the page on the new site, instead of being centered like the original site. The margins/padding are gone. I'm trying to get it to look just like the original Florida site.

Can you give any suggestions on what has gone wrong here? Thanks.


Your old site is using pre-HTML5, but your new site is using HTML5. On your new set go to Dynamik Settings > General Settings and enable HTML5 markup. Then check your site and see if that doesn't resolve your issue.

PERFECT! Thanks so much. Seriously.

You're very welcome. 🙂

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