Upgrading Genesis theme has broken formatting of site

I noticed in the dashboard of one of my sites a notice advising:
Genesis Simple Edits requires WordPress 5.0.0 and Genesis 3.1.0, or greater. Please upgrade to the latest version of Genesis to use this plugin.
I searched but was unable to upgrade this automatically (which I thought was strange) so upgraded it to 3.1.2 manually. However, this has now completely broken the formatting of the website. The logo has disappeared and the header right widget area is under the rest of the header area. All background images have disappeared. The home page is EZ and this is taking up the full width of the screen.
I am using Dynamik version 2.5.4, which is the latest version. I assume this should be compatible with Genesis 3.2.1.?
Please can you advise?
I have numerous websites built on Genesis Dynamik and am concerned that they are all going to be in this situation.


I'm guessing you have Genesis set to use pre-HTML5 formatting, a setting found in Dynamik Settings > General Settings? If so, change that to HTML5 and that should fix your problem. Genesis no longer supports pre-HTML5 formatting so when it detects that HTML5 is not being used in a Genesis Child Theme it prevents the auto-update notice from appearing so you don't break your site.

I could always implement an auto-convert-to-HTML5 Dynamik update, but that may cause issues for those not expecting this change to take place, especially if they have Custom CSS that is using pre-HTML5 elements for styling (which you'll want to check as well).

Either way, sorry for the confusion. I will likely make an announcement about this soon. I just wasn't sure how many people would be affected by this. Dynamik has been defaulting to HTML5 for several years now, but I know there are certainly those sites out there that have been using Dynamik for longer than that.

Thanks for your help - I have finally got it sorted. I did have issues with CSS, but this was because the #wrap selector was no longer working following the upgrade to Genesis. I changed this to .site-container and it now looks as it should.
I will now check out the other sites to make sure they are all OK.


Sounds good.