Specific Page editing with Genesis Devkit?

I am just getting started using Genesis Devkit and I was trying to edit a page that was not added the my site menu. I kept having an issue when the plugin refreshed the page I would end up back at the home page. I didn't see an easy way to enter the page that I needed to work on. I am doing something wrong I think.....What am I missing?


Are you saying that when you saved changed in DevKit, which results in an auto page refresh, that it would refresh to the homepage instead of simply reloading the current page you were on? I just re-tested this by clicking through to an inner page on my site (through the DevKit Design preview area) and then clicking the save button to auto-reload the preview window. When I did this it reloaded the inner-page that I was on, and did not load it back to the homepage. So I'm just trying to figure out how to best reproduce this on my end.

@eric Thanks.. sorry for the delay. I have so much to learn about this new plugin...I don't exactly remember what I did or didn't do 🙂 as I was initially working with it, but as I work with it more and need assistance I will reach out again. Thanks.

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