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I have had Dynamik for a long time now and I just picked up the Genesis DevKit. I am not a coder and want to use a page builder (Elementor) with Genesis Sample theme and then tweak it with DevKit. Is there not an option in DevKit for page builders? If I am understanding it correctly I need to create a new template that is compatible with a page builder, is that correct?

After some searching, I found this plugin that seems to do the job also. has anyone tested this plugin? or recommend a different option?

Eric, I love that you added the Child Theme Creator to DevKit and Themer, it really makes it easy.


I'm glad to hear you're enjoying DevKit! 🙂

Regarding your question about a Page Builder solution for PB pages, there are various ways to tackle this so I'll be creating a screencast shortly and will post a link to this thread when it's done. It will either be later this evening or tomorrow morning.

@eric Thanks much. I would love to see a video on using Devkit/Themer to edit pages created by a page builder like Elementor. So far I am finding that these plugins are better for editing the entire site defaults as opposed to individual pages....but I am sure that I must be wrong about this and just have to learn more about using the plugins. Thanks for your help!


Here's the screencast:

Youtube Video

And here's the CSS used in this screencast:

Regarding your other question, can you clarify what you mean by editing pages as apposed to editing the entire site? In other words, what are some things you not able to edit that are unique to a page that is different from general site-wide edits? And it's not that I'm unaware of differences, I just want to make sure I know what you specifically are having trouble with so I can most effectively address your question/request.

@eric That helps. I have this vision of going into the Child Creator and clicking a box to "Add Full Width Page" to your Child Theme.

Eric I have been using Dynamik theme (before it was a Genesis Child Theme I think) for a long time and to see what you have done with all of the precise controls on your plugins I think you can take out the trash with the push of a button. In the time it took you to do this video I would imagine you could have added this to the Themer and Devkit Plugin... LOL.

Anyway that is my humble suggestion. Add a one click full width Page Builder template to the plugins. 🙂


I'll certainly consider it. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

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