Instant IDE

Anyone have any suggestions on the simplest way to install Bourbon and Neat when using Instant IDE?

I haven't personally used these two SASS add-ons/libraries with Instant IDE, but I've used others, and generally you can install them through the Instant IDE Console, but only if A) Any dependencies necessary for installation are already installed (like Ruby, for example) and B) There are no interactions necessary in the installation process. And what I mean by B is that the Instant IDE Console does not work in cases when user input is needed while running a command. So in such cases you'd need to perform the installation through a more traditional Terminal/Console environment.

But once installed I would thing you could use them like you would in any other scenario, @importing them into your SCSS files and having them run during the compiling process. But again, I've never used these with Instant IDE so I can only speak from experience with other add-ons/extensions/libraries.

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