How can I use Genesis Extender to remove the sidebar from a single Genesis page?

My Genesis child theme has limited page templates, and always shows a right sidebar. I would like to remove that sidebar from my Privacy Policy page. Can I use Genesis Extender to do this, and if so, how?

I have the all access license so if another Cobalt Apps tool is more appropriate please advise.


Hey Kevin,

Can you not simply select the no-sidebar Genesis Layout setting at the bottom of your Privacy Policy edit page?

The child theme does not provide the no-sidebar template as an option! The only options are Default Template (i.e. including the sidebar) and Blog Template. It's an old theme (Patricia:

I looked at the code, and it appears that the default Genesis templates which include the no-sidebar option are disabled specifically.

I can remove all the widgets from the sidebar, but the space occupied by the sidebar is still there. so the content area does not expand to full-width as I would like.

I was hoping there were some way I could simply override this annoyance by removing the sidebar area with one of the Cobalt tools.

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