Pages for scroller or ???

Cheers All,

If I use bb lite for a one-page scroller, do I need to create a separate page for each section or do I just create the various sections with the rows?

The next big deal is that I have no idea how to make the menu go to the front page sections instead of to the pages in back.

Just to prove that at one point I was capable of building a website: I built this, among others, but it's been a few years. Oi.

Peace & Love

I don’t have Dynamik page template 'Page Builder'.
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I just updated Genesis and now the only templates in the dropdown are default and landing.. My Dynamik is v 1.2.2 and doesn’t appear to need updating.

1.2.2. is quite old. Make sure you have an active Dynamik License and that it's activated in your WordPress Dashboard. Then you should be able to auto-update it.

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