Thinking of hiring one of you.

Hey y'all,

It's been a long while since I've been here. Everything has changed! I have built some websites and even though they are professional biz websites, I am only an amateur developer.

I volunteered for a free job but I've been out of the game for a few years so I'm out of touch, apparently. The learning curve is too steep for my timeframe.

I hope it's not inappropriate to ask here for some specific members to contact me about doing it for me. That's how lost I am now! My due date is the 27th of this month.

I don't know if these members are still here, but I had contact with them/you in the catalyst forum when I needed help. You may all be too famous and busy now for all I know! 🙂

Of course, Eric!
Dave in Australia
Siga in Austria
Robert Monroe
Sogwop or something like that, sorry

I think it's pretty simple for a pro. No doubt you don't like hearing that from an amateur :). It would be a scrolling one-page parallax with five or six sections and 3 or four back pages.

Once it's set up, I'll be able to maintain it myself and update. It's just that learn things I have to learn to catch up is daunting: all the section specifications and which builder plugins to use (elementor or bb?) and anchor menus and all. Yikes!

I have genesis and dwb. Hosting on bluehost. Domain from wix (not my doing!)

I'd like to get some estimates on the off chance I can pay for it instead of trying to figure all this new stuff out. I might be being ridiculous, it has happened, but I want to ask just in case.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope this is the right place to post. I looked for contact info for these members and even looked back in my email from 2015 but it seems a bit ghostly in the forums and I wonder where everybody is. Hope you are all well.

Peace & Love,
Darling Dearie

I think, for now, I’ll start on a scrolling one-page and forget the parallax since that’s the part that especially stumps me. Even so, if one of you are interested in this job, I’d love to hear from you.

Just to throw this out here, the Premium Dynamik Parallax Skin is probably the best way to learn how to implement Parallax styling and functionality into Dynamik:

Thank you. The learning curve at this point is too steep for me within my time frame (due date’s 8/27, I’m kind of freaking out.) I wonder if you have a suggestion about where to post my request to hire someone who knows how to do it. I’ve got most of the details drawn out. I have the copy and artwork.

ONE-PAGE SCROLLING SITE (parallax, if possible, but not if it take a LOT more time and $$$)

Header with logo and tag line that appears not on front page but on back pages.

Stick Nav that links to page sections under header.


  1. Pic of troupe with a bit of text under it and a “more about us” button that goes to a back page with troupe history and individual players photos and brief bios.

  2. Shows. Two columns: A. General Schedule with link to back page with specific long term schedule and B. Next Show with link to “Buy Tickets Here” with photo background.

  3. Classes. Some copy about classes with link to back page class schedule. Pic.

  4. Location. Pic and copy

  5. Contact. Copy and form.

Tiny footer containing only menu word links to sections.

Somehow I can’t grasp Genesis the way I was able to grasp Catalyst. When I look at my plan in this list here, it almost looks like I could do it in EZ but I can’t even find the EZ sections on my Front Page. Either I’ve gotten dumber or it’s gotten more complicated. Since Webdev has been my little side gig, I cannot devote to the full-time learning that seems to be required now.

Instead of doing the work of putting the website together I have used all of my allotted days reading and watching videos on how to use Gen>DWB> plus bb and I don’t know what else, but like I said, I don’t even see the widget areas on my Front-page.

I need help!

I appreciate that you are here and reading. I used to be able to build a website so I told my improv friends, Sure, I’ll do it!, but yikes, I seem no longer to have the skills needed or the time to learn everything that’s new, nor the waterfall of money for all the subscriptions.

If you have any advice on the most time efficient way to get this done by me or by a hired person, I would love to hear it. The due date is 8/27. Beyond that will be costly due to double webhosting.

Super lost in webwebland.

Thank you, Eric. I took another look at the skin. It's beautiful!

I have realized that I have indeed been ridiculous.

I have no budget! I would be paying out of my own pocket. I now realize how absurd and non-reality-based my request is. Even if only because of the diminishing time to deadline. When I think rationally--hard to do whilst freaking out about overpromising and discovering I've lost so much ground in only a few years and not wanting to disappoint my director--I realize if I were doing this job for someone else, when I still knew how, it would be upwards of at least $1500, maybe even $2000. I have no idea what we would charge now. I had always embarrassed myself on the Catalyst forum and, evidently, I'm continuing to do so here.

Naturally, I would not expect anyone to create a site for me for free. I will have to just pick another simpler theme to tweak and turn in on time and live with it until I can get up-to-date. I have another site I'm working on that does not have a deadline. It's a site for a facepainter. I will try to update my skills on that one. I just don't know what to do about the subscriptions. They oust the amateur part-timers and volunteers like me. I'm sad about that because I do enjoy building websites when I have sufficient time and the learning part is super fun when I'm not overwhelmed.

No doubt you'll be hearing from soon with dumb newbie questions when I get onto the facepainter's project. I'm usually a super quick learner but, oi, this Genesis business, gosh, it's been a challenge.

Thank you for all your help. I'm super happy for the great deserved success you've had with your wonderful work. It's really awesome! I love how your creativity keeps poring out in the form of wonderful website creation products. Plus you are such a good writer! I wish you continued success and happiness.

Peace & Love,

Thanks so much for the kind words! I appreciate it. 🙂

Yeah, you stop learning for only a minute and this industry will just pass you by in an instant. I hope all the best in whatever direction you find best suited to your goals and needs. Hopefully you find that after a little brushing up on your skills you're back in the game. I think it's easy to see all the options of what's new and what the various standards are and what not, and to get overwhelmed. Just know that you don't have to know everything, just what you need to know at any given moment and with any given project.

Thank you. I started on twenty seventeen and got pretty far. I succeeded in making a child theme and am doing pretty well tweaking it out so far. It will suffice for now but not be as wonderful as if I had more time to get up to date with DWB. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

My one remaining question is if I'll be able to use the parallax skin on my copy of DWB that is not a subscription and doesn't have the Page Builder template?

Do you not have access to the latest version of Dynamik that does in fact have the Page Builder template?

Thank you. I have that version I got when we first switched to Genesis. It's not the subscription. I guess it doesn't update.

Dynamik 1.6 was the first version to provide license activation capability, so if you have an earlier version then you'd need to manually update by downloading the latest version of Dynamik through your "My Account" page on

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