Dynamik: Majorly crying here....

So, I spent several hours working on CSS customization in Dynamik->Custom->CSS.

Unfortunately, one of the "designers" at our company had been doing CSS changes of her own this morning and still had the "Dynamik->Custom->CSS" editor open in her browser. Instead of refreshing her browser BEFORE she made new changes, she made the change and saved the older CSS in her browser which wiped out all of the work I had done.

As far as I know, there are no revisions in Dynamik, so all of that work is just gone and I have to spend several more hours re-doing all of it.

I don't know how Dynamik stores the temporary copy of the CSS, but adding support for revisions would be REALLY REALLY helpful. Or using the same type of mechanism that WordPress uses for preventing the same thing with posts so that two people can't open up "Dynamik->Custom" at the same time.

OH NOOOOO!!! That's awful!! I'm sorry to hear that. 😞 I'll definitely keep that in mind. It's not a common issue that I hear about too often, but I know that when it happens it can be quite devastating.

I just upgraded to All Access and I'd like to see the same type of support for Genesis Extender.

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