Installation of Dynamik messes up the site

I'm currently setting up my 4th site with Dynamik Website Builder. I'll confess that the previous one has been some time ago, so perhaps I'm missing something.

This is a clean install. If I install Genesis, the site layout is fine (although basic of course). Same if I install and activate Genesis Sample. But once I install and activate Dynamik, the layout is messed up. It looks like plane HTML. Reactivating Genesis Sample restores the site. Reactivating Dynamik messes the site up again. With my previous sites I do not recall to have seen this.

Some details:
WP version: 5.2.2
Genesis version: 3.0.2
Dynamik version: 2.5.3
PHP: 7.2.20

No plugins except for Akismet

Any idea what could be wrong?



It looks like you have "mixed content" errors on the front-end. Go to Dynamik Settings > General Settings > Dynamik URL Protocols and enable the option labeled "Enable Protocol Relative URLs". Then refresh your front-end and see if that doesn't fix your problem.

Hi Eric,
Indeed, that solves the problem. Still figuring out why, but I'm glad it works.

Thanks for the quick response!

Glad that did the trick for you. 🙂 Yeah, all that option does is replace the "http://" part of your stylesheet URL with "//". This is so that in cases where some URLs are not being properly enqueued with the https:// format, the URL will simply make the URL protocol more generic as to work in either http or https environments.

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