Instant IDE locked the site(s)

I've used Instant IDE on my development sites and found it an invaluable tool. I've never noticed any problem before, but I tried to install it on my work network of sites. And then it locked them all down for visitors so you could only access them from IDE. Ouch. That's a learning. Had to restore from backups.

How are you supposed to install IDE so this doesn't happen? Do you just set the Dev Path?


Ugh, that doesn't sound fun! 😞

I've never run into this before, nor heard of anything like it. Could you clarify what you mean by "it locked them all down for visitors so you could only access them from IDE"? Instant IDE doesn't actually DO anything to your site other than read files, and of course manipulate files and folders if you initiate such a thing through its UI. And if something did happen you should be able to completely remove Instant IDE (if you lose access to your WP Dashboard and therefore the Instant IDE Manager Plugin) by simply deleting the Instant IDE folder (located in the root of your site, usually staring with /iide-

So I'd love to know exactly how this happened/what happened so I can reproduce it on my end.


I installed it on a multisite. That would be the most significant difference from my other installs.

I installed the plugin, activated the plugin, activated with the license key, installed IDE and then set a pin. I received my first puzzled phone call from a colleague shortly after.

If I wasn't logged in, it would redirect visitors to the IDE login (as like on the Instant IDE Manager Dashboard). An image is below, as seen by my colleague. This forced login was on the front-end for all visitors.

Capture Divinity Login Screen 29 July 2019.JPG

When I was logged-in to Wordpress it would display my homepage on the front-end (though I think this might have been just a cached page) and every other page was a 404 error. I didn't try logging-in on a fresh browser without cached files to test this out further. I didn't do much testing because I was in a bit of a rush to fix it. I could still access the Wordpress dashboard fine. I tried to uninstall IDE, deactivate and uninstall the the plugin. But it made no difference so I just restored directly from a back up.

I've tried to recreate the problem again on a fresh multisite, but the same problem didn't occur. Maybe it was something unique to my particular setup. I'll keep tinkering.


That's really odd. The only thing I can think of that Instant IDE adds that could redirect pages is its own .htaccess file, but that is located inside the iIDE folder and therefore should not affect pages outside of itself. This is really baffling to me. Definitely let me know if/when you find further information as I'm very interested in figuring out what happened on your MU site.

And yes, it definitely could have been unique to your setup or even an anomaly, but you're wise to do further testing. Also, I've been using iIDE on multisite setups since it was first released and have never run into this, so I'm definitely finding this to be a head scratcher.

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