Box-shadow on header

In the past I have used a box shadow for my header, just to offset and delineate it a bit.
Now for some reason the code that I have used will not do it. This is the code that I added to the custom css:

.site-header {
box-shadow: 0 10px 10px -8px rgba(39,36,36,0.75);

I have the same type of box-shadow on the site footer and it works fine. Can't quite figure out what the problem is. Any help appreciated. Have a blessed week.

Ok, weird thing just happened. I reactivated the Sticky Header (or anything) on Scroll plugin and now it is working. If I deactivate it, it doesn't work. Obviously I don't have a sticky footer, so it is kinda weird, since the same code works fine for it.

It looks like that CSS code is present right now. I'm assuming you have that Scroll Plugin activated at this point? To troubleshoot I'd need to have WP login details and instructions on exactly how to recreate this issue.

Yes the code is present, the plugin is not activated. I guess since it will work when I activate the Scroll plugin, I can just go with that. It really does seem strange but it is probably something that I did. 😞 Anyway, if it happens again, I'll get back with you. Thanks again.

Sounds good.

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