Dynamik: Page Content CSS

So I am using Beaver Builder on top of DWB and when I change the attributes in Beaver Builder for font sizes, colors, etc... they are being overridden by Dynamik.

Is there any way for Dynamik to load its CSS first, before other plugins?

As far as I know Dynamik should be loading its stylesheets before Plugin styles. Have you checked to make sure that this is in fact the issue (i.e.. viewed the source code to see if it is "plugins styles" and THEN " DWB styles")? It's possible that Dynamik is using stronger element selection in certain styles that is overriding BB, even when loading its stylesheet prior to BB.

Yeah, the issue is the Dynamik target is more precise than the BB, which is weird. I'll take it up with BB.


Yeah, I know that some of the stronger than necessary styled elements come from trying to account for custom content areas (Hook Boxes and Widget Areas) that can be hooked into any location. This meant that you couldn't rely on certain outer containers being present or absent, requiring strong styling to ensure the styles took effect.

Another case for this comes with the fact that Dynamik has so many design options that if the inner-styles aren't strong enough they will be overridden by the outer/container styles.

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