Dynamik: Cursive Font not loading

[Dancing Script|Dancing+Script|'Dancing Script', cursive]

Does not load in Dynamik. All the non cursive Google fonts are loading.

Dynamik Version: 2.5.3
Genesis Version: 3.0.1

I just tested this on Dynamik 2.5.3/Genesis 3.0.2 (using the exact Dancing Script bracketed code you provided) and it worked perfectly on my end. I even used my browser Inspector tool to confirm that JUST using "cursive" as the font-family displays a more generic cursive font design, but then JUST using the 'Dancing Script' font-family turns it back into the more refined cursive design that the bracketed Google Fonts code initially displayed. So it would appear that something unique is preventing it from displaying correctly on your end.

Hmm... Okay this is the link generated by Dynamic


And this is what's in the Google Fonts box:

[Cormorant Garamond|Cormorant+Garamond|'Cormorant Garamond', serif]
[Dancing Script|Dancing+Script|'Dancing Script', cursive]
[Montserrat|Montserrat:400,500,600,700,800,900|'Montserrat', sans-serif]
[Source Sans Pro|Source+Sans+Pro:400,400i,600,700|'Source Sans Pro', sans-serif]

Have you assigned that Dancing Script font to a Design Options font? Dynamik does not include a Google Font in that Google Font URL unless it's actually being used in the Design Options.

AHA!! It is not...

I was just using Dynamik to load a font that is a one off with custom CSS.

Any chance of adding a check-box to load all fonts anyway?

Yeah, that would make sense to provide as an option. It's on my "future updates" list.

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