Plugin compatibility for Dynamik-Gen

I am setting up a new site with Dynamik-Gen and tried installing Genesis Simple Edits in order to make changes to the footer and content meta options, as you suggest in one of the guidance docs. I can't get the plugin to activate, and Studio Press points to a child theme as the problem. Is the plugin no longer compatible with Dynamik-Gen? If so, is there an alternative for a non-coder like me? [Sorry, I first posted this in the wrong place!]

I just re-tested the Genesis Simple Edits Plugin and it activated just fine with Dynamik as the active Genesis Child Theme. So there's got to be something else preventing it from activating. Were there any error messages when the problem occurred? If not, try enabling wp_debug in your wp-config.php file in the root of your WP installation and then trying to activate GSE again and see if any errors display at that point. And of course there are many other variables such as custom code, other active Plugins, etc...

Thanks for checking. Turned out to be a compatibility problem with an old plugin that I should have weeded out by now. Simple edits is working now. This functionality was built into Catalyst-Dynamik, and I'm glad to find an equivalent in this framework.

Glad to hear it! 🙂

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