Page Width Bounce with DWB and Beaver Themer Product Category Archive Layout

Hi Eric,

I see a “bouncing” effect when my Beaver Themer Product Category Archive layout page loads. The content width briefly displays as specified in Dynamik - Design Options, Widths, Full Width Content Layout 1000px, and then changes to the desired full width/full width as set in the Beaver Builder row layout. Changing the Dynamik Widths, Full Width Content Layout from 1000px to 1920px eliminates the dramatic "bounce" in the content width, but there is still a noticeable jiggle to the layout.

When creating a Beaver Themer Archive layout, I’m able to select the “Post Attributes” Template, with the options “Full Width” and “Default Template” available. A “Page Builder” template is not available in this dropdown. The “Default Template” forces the page to display with a limited content area, NOT full width.

Here’s a video showing the “bounce” happening at approx 8 seconds: Recording 2019-07-01 at AM.mp4

WordPress Version: 5.2.2, Genesis Version: 3.0.1, Dynamik Version: 2.4.7, beaver builder and beaver themer are current.
Thank you for the excellent tools, very happy owner of Cobalt All Access Lifetime.

here's a category archive page for the development site, at iThemes hosting:


Hey Ken,

I just looked at your site and it's hard to say why you're getting that temporary narrow width and then the full width. Just on a side note I would go ahead and update Dynamik to the latest version (2.5.3) so you know that's not the issue. But there are many things that could cause that, though it looks to be a styling issue. Unfortunately there's CSS coming from many different places on that page. If I could get that narrow width to "stick" long enough for me to inspect the underlying styles with my browser that would help a lot, but it only shows for a second or two.

Sovled! Thank you for taking a look, and for the heads up on re-entering my license key for Dynamik theme updates (after moving the site between multiple dev locations, and now to it's permanent home). The fix was updating Dynamik, and then changing the Beaver Themer Archive Layout's Post Attributes "Template" to the Default Template. Prior to updating Dynamik, the "Default Template" was constraining the page width. And even after the update, the "Full Width" template is first pulling in the full width settings from Dynamik, rendering the page, and then applying (bouncing to) the Beaver Builder full width styling.