Over-riding the full width content setting for just one page


for most pages on a site, I want to use a full width content layout of 1060px. So far so good.

However, for just the home page of the site, I want to use a responsive slide-show type of plugin on the page, and have the page work at 100% size of whatever screen's being used.

Using Dynamik and looking at Widths, of course setting things to full width 1060px for the bulk of the site is obvious enough.

I can identify the home default home page id easily enough (919 in the case of the test page I'm trialling). If I inspect the page details, I can see

.full-width-content .site-container {
max-width: 100%;

But I don't seem able to over-ride this with a different width just for that one page. (I've tried various combinations in Customiser and Dynamik/Custom.

I guess I'm doing something wrong, but I can't think what! All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Edit the page a select the page builder template, replant the default template

Hi, um - I'm not sure I understand that suggestion at all! (Which might just be me.) What's the "page builder template"? How would you replant the default template (whatever that may be!)?

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