Instant IDE file content not showing accurate code

I'm new to Instant IDE, but when I view certain PHP files, the first line in IDE is not the actual first line of the file. For instance, when I open the init.php file in themes > dynamic-gen > lib, line 1 starts with $_POST['dynamik']['custom_css'], which is halfway through line 99 in the actual file (when I open it in my cPanel file manager). Other PHP files don't show any code at all in Instant IDE, though the tab opens.

If it helps to troubleshoot, when I search for a line of code, the search results identify the correct line number, but when I click on that result it brings up the correct number but with a different line of code. Any thoughts as to what's going on here?

That's odd. Could you try a different editor through the Options? Like if you're using Monaco, try Ace Editor, and if you're using Ace then try Monaco.

Hi Eric. I switched from the Ace editor to Monaco, but it made no difference. I then did a fresh install of Instant IDE (with upgrade to v. 1.6) and IIDE Manager, but the fragmented code is still there. As a further example, most of the template files in the dynamic-gen directory show no code whatsoever when opened in IIDE, except for front-page.php, which shows fragments of two lines.

I installed IIDE on another domain running on the same server, and it works fine. I did notice some differences in the install process between the two domains. On the problematic domain, IIDe Manager opens with a pre-filled license number and PIN number, which does not happen on the other domain. I never entered a PIN number in any install.

Could these problems be a plugin conflict? Or would that not be an issue since IIDE runs outside of Wordpress?

Should also note that only PHP files read incorrectly. So far as I've tested, js, css, and other file types appear as they should.

Hi again, Eric. I think it was a Cloudflare issue. I turned off Cloudflare on my site and everything now works fine. Any idea what the conflict might be?

I also did a reinstall of IIDE and the PIN number still appears filled in. Is this normal? As I mentioned, it did not appear during install on my other domain. Thanks for your reply.

The only issue I'm aware of is varnish cache as noted here:

Otherwise I'm not sure what would be causing that other than some form of caching conflict or something like that.

Regarding the filled in pin number (do you mean the pin number that is optional or the license key field?) I've never run into that nor am I aware of how that could be pre-filled in. At this point I would only suggest that you delete whatever was pre-filled in and then just let me know if you run into the issue down the road. Otherwise we'll just chalk it up to a one-time oddity.

Both the license key field and the PIN are filled in (I can't see the actual numbers). I may have entered the license key the first time I installed IIDE--I don't remember. I certainly haven't entered a PIN, but there it is, every time I reinstall the product. In the install I did on my second domain, neither the PIN nor the license has anything in the entry field.

Hmmm...I deleted the PIN, hit save, and on refresh the mystery PIN reappears in the entry field.

Clear your auto fill in your browser and it won't show up any longer.

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