Making a reusable blockquote block

Howdy there!
I have been able to make reusable paragraph blocks without too much of a learning curve to deal with, but I'm flat out hitting the wall trying to take a Gutenberg blockquote block and changing the class name so that I can differentiate it from the standard Gutenberg blockquote block. No matter what I try to change it to, it wants to try to revert back to wp-block-quote.

I binged (B)ing (I)s (N)ot (G)oogle around for an answer, but nothing that I could make use of came up. I cannot understand why a paragraph tag will allow me to assign class names for reusable blocks, but the blockquote tag is being a problem.

I'd appreciate some help on this if anyone cares to lend me a hand. Thank you.


Ok, This one is solved. A couple of things that I learned:

  1. You can add multiple classes to the blockquote tag.
  2. If you make a reusable quote block and try to put different content into it then if you update the reusable block there is a very real and great potential that whatever data was inside of the reusable block when you re-saved it will now be inside other instances of that reusable block that you had already placed on your post(s)/page(s). Solution was to place reusable block on the page and then change it to a regular block and then after that drop in the content. No problems so far going this route. I joined a FaceBook group where someone pointed out using multiple classes, and that got me moving again.


I've marked this as solved, because I can make use of the Quote block as a reusable block, but I have just discovered that a background color CSS setting applied to the block will change the background color of the quote on the page, but modifications to the text CSS seem to only apply to the citation and not the entire Quote. WordPress is fun!

I just got a tip!

One of the S's in CSS should stand for Specificity.

blockquote.yourcustomcssclass p {} - for changing the text styling of the blockquote.
blockquote.yourcustomcssclass cite {} - for changing the text styling of the citation

BTW, I'm using this forum for my personal notes now. 🙂

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