How To Post Cobalt Apps Support Questions

This section of the forum is dedicated to Cobalt Apps product-specific posts, and is for active members only. This means that if you need support for a specific Cobalt Apps product and currently have an active Theme or Plugin license for that product, then you can post your question in this section. Just be sure to note the product name in the title of your post along with a clear description of the issue or solution you need assistance with.

Note that we will periodically check support posts to ensure that member does have an active product license, but we'd prefer to spend more of our time focusing on the support itself. So this will depend a lot of the member checking their license before posting and sticking to these guidelines (kind of an "honor system", if you will). And if you do need to check your licenses you can do this by logging into your "My Account" page on and then clicking the "View Licenses" link at the top-right.

I am setting up a new site with Dynamik-Gen and tried installing Genesis Simple Edits in order to make changes to the footer and content meta options, as you suggest in one of the guidance docs. I can't get the plugin to activate, and Studio Press points to a child theme as the problem. Is the plugin no longer compatible with Dynamik-Gen? If so, is there an alternative for a non-coder like me?

This post is deleted!
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