How to change background color of content area?

I'm trying to change the page background color to dark blue from white in the content area under the header on And can't for the life of me figure out where to change that setting. Forgive my lack of understanding what setting controls what area.

I'm using Type: Color and selecting this color (012E72).

I have tried it in these locations:
Design > Content tab > Page Content Background. (Assumed it was this setting)
Design > Content tab > Post Content Background.
Design > Body tab > Body Background.
Design > Wrap tab > Wrap Background.
Design > Wrap tab > Inner Background.

Am I crazy? Or are there competing stylesheets or something that is causing a conflict?


The reason those Dynamik Design Options are not taking effect there is because that page was built by Beaver Builder and has it's own styles coming from their own stylesheet. You should be able to override those based on that color code you provided like so:

.gd-full-width, .gd-full-width .site-container,
.gd-full-width .site-container .site-inner,
.gd-full-width .site-container .site-inner .wrap,
.gd-full-width .site-container .content-sidebar-wrap,
.gd-full-width .site-container main.content,
.gd-full-width .site-container main.content > article.entry,
.gd-full-width .site-container main.content > article.entry .entry-content {
	background: #012E72;
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