Google Search Console - "new Mobile Usability issues detected" on what I believe is fully responsive site

Hi. I am šŸ˜•!!
I created a website for a client 4 years ago on Genesis Dynamik, and coded it to be fully responsive before publishing it.
My client received an email from the Google Seach Console team last week:
Search Console has identified that your site is affected by 3 new issues of type Mobile Usability.
Top issues (5 maximum)
The following issues were found on your site:
ā€¢ Text too small to read
ā€¢ Content wider than screen
ā€¢ Clickable elements too close together
It sites the issues being on one page although this isn't fundamentally different from the other pages.
The site is fully reponsive, so the font size doesn't change as the screen size reduces. I can't see that the content is wider than the screen, nor that the clickable elements are too close together.
Am I missing something?
This error has only been identified since 27th May, and there have been no content changes to the site in the last few months.
Against advice to all my clients, this site has not been converted to https - I'm wondering if this could be an issue, although it is not cited as a problem.
Can anyone suggest anything I can do to resolve this?
Thank you in advance!

Hi Fiona,

I recently had notices like this on a couple of sites. I searched and could not find any issues. When I had Google retest, it came back resolved.

I would make sure all the software is up to date. An older version of Dynamik or anything else could trigger a notice like this.

I noticed on the page you linked to that when changing the page to a mobile size there is an odd reaction that involves the visible content shrinking based on the amount of width change, and then slowly fading into the responsive size that fills the browser and displays acceptable sized text. I'm wondering if Google is just taking snapshots of the page when it first loads, which would result in a very tiny visible content area and unreadable text.

I would first see if you can't reproduce what I'm talking about, then if you can, try deactivating your Plugins one at a time, re-testing the issue after each de-activation. If the problem goes away then that Plugin is likely causing the issue. And if de-activating Plugins does not stop that odd shrink/fade-in issue, then it may be that you have some custom code that's causing this.

Also, I'm not 100% sure that this is what Google is fussing about, but it's the first thing that stands out to me after checking out your website.