If you're reading this then I'm assuming your'e new here. If that's the case then let me just take a moment to welcome you aboard! This forum is dedicated to not only providing active Cobalt Apps members with helpful support and resources, but also for cultivating a community of conversation among like-minded WordPress developers. Whether you're a full-time freelance web developer, Internet Marketer, do-it-yourself web designer, or just a blogger who enjoys tinkering with their WP-powered website, we're glad to have you!

A few quick things to note before posting on this forum:

  • Try to keep your posts appropriate to the forum sections provided.

  • Don't double post (i.e.. post the same thing in two different areas of the forum) and please do not hijack threads, but instead always post new topics as new topics instead of inside someone else's post.

  • Be respectful of others and DO NOT SPAM! I'm fine with a little self-promotion if it's relevant and useful for others, but pure SPAM will be deleted immediately and you will be warned (and banned if this is repeated).

  • Give as much as you receive (at least whenever you can). A community forum like this is only as helpful as those who are posting helpful comments, resources, and even encouragement when needed. And of course this may start out as a receiving thing for you as you learn more about this unique technological skill-set, but overtime be sure to look for opportunities to pay-it-forward as much as you can.

I hope you find your time spent on these pages to be immensely useful to your own online endeavors! And may your code be clean, your designs remain relevant, and your pages load lightning fast! ⚡