[SOLVED] Dynamik > Max Mega Menu & Dropdowns Hidden By Content

Hello everyone,

Original Site was built on Catalyst but SO much has changed we are manually converting over to Genesis+DWB.

The Skin I've imported is working well with the most current versions of WP (WP5.2.1 - Genesis 2.10.1 - DWB 2.5.3) but original skin's creator is no longer around.

I was experimenting with Max Mega Menu, and when enabled, the primary menu functionality of that menu plugin does not work . . . hovering does not reveal the sub-menu items (though the responsive portion does when the page shrinks).

I've narrowed it down to the custom PHP the the skin's developer inserted in "DWB>Custom>Functions" section. Here is what was added:

/* Reposition the primary and the mobile navigation --------------- */
remove_action( 'genesis_before_header', 'genesis_do_nav' );
remove_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'genesis_do_nav' ); 
add_action( 'genesis_header', 'genesis_do_nav' ); 

remove_action( 'genesis_before_header', 'dynamik_dropdown_nav_1' );
remove_action( 'genesis_after_header', 'dynamik_dropdown_nav_1' );
add_action( 'genesis_header', 'dynamik_dropdown_nav_1' );

When THAT portion is commented out, Max Mega Menu's functionality works perfectly . . . except it appears at the very top of the page and is full width.

I'm not really sure why. FF and Chrome's Inspection doesn't really seem to help me figure out what it is I'm missing . . . I only figured THIS part out through trial and error.

This is the testbed I'm working on at the moment:

You can see the menu is showing it's a treed menu below the "Home" page it's the 2nd one - lower one), but when you hover over, nothing appears with the PHP code I've posted in place (though that is where I'd like it to be).

I HAVE added it to the "Header Right" section as a Widget (the first one - the upper one - which seems to work well enough as a 'work around'), but I haven't figured out how to remove the "Skins designated Primary Menu" & it's location. If I deselect "Primary Menu" in the "Appearance>Menu's" section, they both disappear.

I have followed the trouble shooting section in Max Mega Menu's Trouble shooting section, and it points to a conflict with the Custom PHP.

Any suggestions on how to go about solving this issue would be appreciated.

It's really hard to say. There's a lot of variables going on there. That PHP code is simply removing those menus from one location and then adding them to another. I'm not familiar with how MMM adds its menus so it's really hard to suggest anything or even begin help troubleshoot this for you.

That's what I thought (simply moving the menus from one location to another seems pretty straigh forward to me) . . . though I am not sure what you mean by "There's a lot of variables going on there."

It's weird that just 'moving' the location of the menu's would break the hover functionality - makes no sense to me at the moment.

Had a chance to sleep on it and I realized that the Hover function IS working . . . it's just appearing UNDER the content section!

Max Mega Menu has a "Z Index" section in it's General Settings which is set at 999 [Default . . . to ensure the sub menus appear ontop of other content] but for some reason that is not working like it does with the 'dynamik_dropdown_nav_1'.

I've figured out that Unless I have
position: fixed;
position: absolute;
in the CSS the z-index doesn't come into play at all . . . but then I loose the ability to position the menu in that area (floating right, or centered, or whatever)

I'll keep posting in case it helps others, or if someone has a suggestion that may help, I'm all ears too.


Hey Eric, et al,
To The Point, the solution was to add custom css:

.site-header .wrap {
	overflow: visible;

I thought I'd UPDATE the Thread to help others find the solution.

It wasn't a PHP conflict as my original thread Title suggested (Tread Title Modified Accordingly To Help Others).

I lead myself astray when I commented out the skins PHP, and the menu plugin appeared to 'start' working . . . which lead me to start looking erroneously in that direction (I'm not well versed in PHP and so I wasn't really sure where to start).

I messed around with the z-index settings and could only get it to work if I used:
Position: absolute
Position: fixed;

But that totally messed with the layout.

I kept poking around, and stumbled across this fellows post with a similar problem:

Saw him messing with the css overflow setting, and started to look myself for the:

overflow: hidden;

setting, and sure enough there it was.

Tweaked the css as mentioned and we are off to the races.

Thanks for the help.


Side note:
Loved the old forum and all the help the community had for each other.
I look forward to the new forum being the same and I hope this post is somewhat helpful.
I'm not expert, but I do love to play with this stuff.
I've still bookmarked a number of old posts in the old forum for reference . . . though I realize that it will be taken down at some point. Hopefully it will be up for a while yet.


Thanks for the taking the time to update your post. I'm sure others will find this useful at some point down the road and it helps me stay informed as well. 🙂

And ditto on your side note. And yes, I'll try and keep up the old forum for as long as it's feasible.

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