Dynamik / Digital Press Skin - Nav alignment question


I'm using

Dynamik / Digital Press Skin - Nav alignment question

(The WP install and PHP are all up to date.)

This gives me a menu location at the top of the screen. What I want to do is have the menu full width, with one item (just a custom link) on the far left, the other on the far right.

This is a fluid design for the wrap.

On the Nav tab I've the option to centre the menu or have it left aligned. I can't think for the life of me how to have it full width, but with just two items, one at either extreme.

Is it possible?


You could try a little Custom CSS like so:

.override .menu-primary {
	width: 100%;
.menu-primary li:last-child {
	float: right;


absolutely spot-on - thank you. I added li:first-child (taking a guess at your likely logic) to handle the left hand alignment, and that's done the trick.

I always hate to bother you (or anyone else) with support questions when I feel I should be able to work it out myself. But I have to say I'd never have come up with this - so I don't feel bad!

Many thanks.


Just as a follow-up thought/question: I normally use Chrome and/or Firefox and "inspect" to find out how a class or whatever has been coded up. Is there a better tool that I could be using, that would have led me to the same solution you provided without me having to take up your time in support queries?


Not really. It's just inspecting the HTML and properly applying the CSS.

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