Instant IDE 1.5.0 is AWESOME!


That's awesome! I love to hear about the various ways these tools provide value. 🙂

Regarding the Site Preview width, that's there so you can essentially view a full width web page while not necessarily having to have a full width Site Preview window. And then for mobile views you can click the mobile icons. But I do agree that it would be nice to have an option to toggle that on or off. I'll add that to my list.

Regarding uploading folders, I'll look into that, but note that currently you can just zip a folder on your computer, upload that as a file into iIDE, and then double click that zip file inside iIDE to unzip it and even clear out the zip file itself.

Cheers @eric 😉

Just tried the zip upload - works fab, I had no idea I could do that!
Would be awesome if there was an option to overwrite current files. 😉



I just retested this: When you upload a file and a file with the same name exists it is overwritten by the uploaded file. Are you getting different results? I did note that unzipping a folder with files of the same name inside (as those outside the zip file) will result in file-name-1.ext, but that's different than not being able to overwrite on upload.

Hey @eric

Yea, I was referring to the unzipping creating file-name-1.ext
I was trying to update themes / plugins via Instant IDE.
It's really the only element I have to jump back in to SFTP for at the moment.

@Brett-Redvers said in Instant IDE 1.5.0 is AWESOME!:

Hey @eric

Yea, I was referring to the unzipping creating file-name-1.ext
I was trying to update themes / plugins via Instant IDE.
It's really the only element I have to jump back in to SFTP for at the moment.

Why? When I update a theme or plugin with iIDE I simply upload the theme/plugin zip file, then delete the theme/plugin folder, and then double-click the theme/plugin zip file to unzip (and then click "OK" to have iIDE delete the zip file for me). It takes about as much time as it would for you to open up your SFTP software. Or am I missing something?

Hey @eric

Ah I get ya - delete the original folder first.
I was trying to prevent as much downtime as I can on a live site.
As if I delete a theme and then unzip a new version of the theme, there is some time where the site is themeless.
Whereas if I just overwrite I don't have that issue. 😉

In general tho this depends on the speed of the sever.. I have some clients with huge themes and a really poor server so the deleting of thousands of theme files can sometimes take a good 5 mins.

For most clients it's not an issue as I have them on decent hosting with clean themes - just the odd few who refuse to look at their theme and hosting problems!


First, note that deleting a theme folder with FTP involves every single file being deleted, which, if large enough, can take some time. iIDE deletes files/folders MUCH faster. So in most cases this is a non issue. I would be interested in your findings if you were to test this out by updating a very large theme folder using iIDE. See if it results in notable down time, or if it it takes only a handful of seconds. And of course I may provide a setting that allows you to overwrite files on upload, but I'm just curious how much of an issue this would be in the cases you're suggesting.


Wow..... 😉
Guess my experiences with SFTP were overshadowing the real power of Instant IDE!

I added a huge 30MB theme with nearly 2000 files.
Uploaded an updated theme zip.
Then started my stopwatch.
Deleted the theme.
Unzipped the the new theme.

I barely got to 8 seconds on the stop watch - and that includes me messing around trying to press the buttons!

I honestly had no idea it could be that fast! This exact theme can take an excruciating amount of time to delete or update via SFTP.
I did just test on a fast server but with that kind of performance my worries have been put to rest.
Learn something new every day!

Very impressive! 😉

Awesome! Yeah, the way iIDE deletes files is night-and-day faster than cumbersome sftp. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to iIDE just to do some simple file manipulation task on a server, because I knew that doing this through sftp would take way longer. Of course you can also SSH through your command line for faster file manipulation than sftp, but just connecting to your server and banging out the commands (many of which I still have to look up) can be cumbersome on their own. I like a nice UI when I can get one. 🙂

Another win for iIDE!!

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