Looking for a way to create divided menu with Dynamik-Gen

A couple of months ago I asked for help in creating a divided menu like the divided menu created using plugin WP Nav Plus. It seems to be based on using "native" WordPress without extra options supplied by a framework or a theme. As I am not comfortable getting into modifying PHP code, I have settled on a different design. However, I still very much would like have the ability to use a divided menu and offer this to my site owner. I mentioned that this might be a nice new skin or something along those lines as it is quite different than most others.

A screen shot of what I am referring to is below. Thanks for your help.


I agree that this would be a solid feature in a Dynamik Skin offering. At this point I just haven't had the time to really dig into how to best accomplish this using Dynamik. So I can't offer anything yet, but will consider this down the road. Maybe other members have some pointers on this one? Maybe there's a Genesis Child Theme design out there that can provide some insight into the code tweaks necessary to make this happen?

Thanks Eric. When I asked before you were busy then also, but I thought maybe you had come up for air. I understand completely. I did find a child theme that has a divided menu but it is really hard to give up all that Dynamik gives me and basically start over. But having said that, I would be better WP programmer if I went that way. Good thing to do on the long hot Alabama summer days ahead. ;-]
Take care and have a blessed summer.

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