Dynamik gen theme/images folder reports 403 error

Hey Guys,

Wondering if you can help?
I am not sure why or where this is pilling from.
When I go to inspect element on website epoxyman-industrial-coatings.com I notice some 403 errors and one points to the dynakik-gen/theme/images folder.
I have checked the permissions on the folder and all seem fine.

I recently used a CDN and maybe it's trying to call from that I do not know.
Any help on the 403 error would be fantastic.

Wen I try copy and paste the full URL I get the error below:
You don't have permission to access /wordpress/wp-content/uploads/dynamik-gen/theme/images/ on this server.
Apache Server at epoxyman-industrial-coatings.com Port 443

I am not sure why it is trying to access that URL.



Have you confirmed that those image files actually exist?

Hi Eric,

Thanks for replying, yes confirmed they do exist.



Well then, yes, it's likely either a permissions issue (though it sounds like you ruled that out) or a redirect issue. It may be that your server has some kind of security that prevents direct linking to files inside your /wp-content/uploads/ directory. I'd contact your host and ask if that's not the case, and if not, then use that as an opportunity to confirm that there's no other reason that you'd be having this issue from the actual host/server side of things.

@eric Thanks Eric! I will check this out with the host.
Appreciate the response.


Sure thing Dave. 🙂

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