Widgets not working ...

I am using dynamik child theme, and for some time my widgets will not save when I try to make changes.
I have tried deleting old plugins and deactivating them and trying again, but nothing seems to work.
Has anyone else had this issue?

Just to be clear, I have had this theme for years and it used to work well.
Now I cannot change a widget through the widget page or through customizer in settings.


When you say you can't change a widget, are you referring to interactions with Widgets in Appearance > Widgets, for example, or are you having issues manipulating them through your Dynamik > Custom Options > Custom Widgets admin page? I guess in other words, are you having any issues creating and/or editing Custom Widget Areas in your Dynamik Custom Options admin page?

@eric Hi Eric.
Both places I am having issues with widgets.
After poking around more, I think it might be linked to my images.

I cannot open my image library. I can add an image, but I can't see the images when I click any of the media options in the sidebar menu.
If I try to add an image to a page/post I can see them, but not through the dashboard sidebar menu for media.


It sounds like you're having an issue outside of Dynamik, affecting the core of WordPress, likely causing your Dynamik/widget issues. You can rule out Dynamik by activating the Genesis Sample Theme and seeing of your widget and media issues remain. If they do then this is not related to Dynamik, but if they go away when deactivating Dynamik then it would appear something odd is going on between Dynamik and your current WP setup.

Unfortunately I don't have any insight into troubleshooting your current issue.


I feel for you.

I ran into a similar issue not too long ago and did everything imaginable to figure out what was going on. But, no matter what I tried I just couldn't save any custom widgets.

It had Eric stumped as well because as it turned out that it wasn't an DWB issue at all. The problem originated from my hosting providers security protocols.

More specifically the problem was caused by a Mod_Security plugin that is installed on my host'sā€” 'Namecheap's Shared servers'.

This what Ivan, Namecheap's tech support guy did to fix it for me-

*"To find the exact rule the Mod_Security was triggering for your website, I temporary disabled the custom settings in your .htaccess and then the server provided me with the exact ID of the rule. I then whitelisted this rule and the error disappeared.

Note that Mod_Security can be triggering again, especially if you are making custom changes to your website. If this issue reoccurs, please be sure to contact us again and specify that Mod_Security is causing an error again. This should save up your time if you have to contact us again."*

With that info in hand, I hope that your Hosts Tech support will be able to fix the problem for you.

Best of Luck

Thank you for that!
I'm not sure what it all meant but I will copy it and show my host provider.

It worked! I contacted my host with the information and they magic-ed the problem away.
Apparently, there was an issue with Google fonts- even though I had disabled apps and re activated.
Thanks for the help!


Glad to hear it! šŸ™‚

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