"Extender Pro"

I Just Googled "Extender Pro" hoping to find your site Eric - lets just say you need to work on your SEO 😱

Feel free to delete this post Eric!



Oh wow, that's an unfortunate naming conflict. 😮

@eric Yes it is 😂

(On a side note, i don't get any email notifications of follow ups from this forum even though it says it will notify me)


If you click on your provide image at the top-right of this forum and then click "Settings", and then scroll to the Notification Settings at the bottom of that page, do you have those setup to actually send you emails when you get a reply to your post? I just want to make sure those are set the way you want them before looking into other possible issues. I just sent a test email notification and it came through fine.

Oh i see. Thanks Eric, i have made a change in the settings so hopefully that will email me now. (i had clicked on "Watching" and i presumed "Notify" meant email me.) I will see if i get your replies now. Thanks

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