Exporting settings from DWB to Extender (did not work)

I don't know if this is even supposed to work at all, but anyway, the result was unexpected:

I had a site I made with DWB. Then I decided to use a Genesis theme with Extender, so I exported all the settings while DWB was still active, and imported them later with the import option in the Extender plugin. What I got were hooks, functions, labels and conditionals from something like two years ago! 😉

I then opened the export file in a text editor and everything was as should, all the settings from the current site. Somehow during the import this file was not used but some data still present in the database? Is that even possible?


So you're saying that you exported your Dynamik option and then imported them into Extender? Yeah, you're not supposed to do that. 😜 So it doesn't surprise me that those options didn't make it into Extender, but the old Extender Options does seem odd. Not sure what to tell you there.

Regarding transferring from Dynamik to Extender, though, are you aware that there is a feature in Dynamik that allows you to do this? Just activate Genesis Extender while Dynamik is active and then go to the Dynamik Settings > Import/Export admin page and scroll to the bottom and you should be able to go from there. Here's a docs article on this feature: https://docs.cobaltapps.com/article/226-how-do-i-transfer-settings-from-dynamik-to-genesis-extender

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