DWB and Extender Design options for Gutenberg blocks

Perhaps I overlooked a news message about this, but being busy converting posts to Gutenberg blocks and adding new posts with blocks, I have to add a lot of new custom css to keep the layout of elements intact, and the same as old posts. Currently the design options in DWB and the Extender plugin is focussed on pre 5.0 WP markup. Will it be adapted to include the new wp-block-*** elements?

I noticed that when looking at all kinds of older and newer posts with for instance float:right thumbnails, some are inside a paragraph, some outside (very old posts), some inside a wp-block-image. And it gets even more complicated when this thumb has a caption underneath ;).

I know the design panel can never cover all of these different options, but it would be very helpfull to have wp-block options in the Content area of the Design page. Are there plans to do this?


I'll be looking into this in the near future. Right now I'm working on a massive update for Instant IDE, so I have to get that off my plate first, before I can look to other notable updates. But thanks for the heads-up!

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