Conflict With Easy Table Of Contents Plugin & Dynamik & PHP 7 ?

I've got a couple of sites that are using Dynamik child theme, and that are having an issue with the Easy Table of Contents plugin on PHP 7+, but only when the Dynamik theme is activated.

Here's what's running on my sites:

PHP Version: 7.1.27

WordPress Version: 5.1.1

Genesis Version: 2.9.1

Dynamik Version: 2.5.3

Font Awesome Version: 4.7.0

So what is happening is that when the Easy Table of Contents plugin is activated, on pages where the TOC appears all sorts of weird things happen.

The styling looks off and doesn't quite look right, Headings (H2, H3, etc) on the page are duplicated/showing up more than once, although one of the headings is usually cut off. An example:


If I deactivate all plugins except the TOC one, it doesn't help, the problem persists.

If I downgrade to PHP 5.6, the problem goes away.

If I stay on PHP 7.1, and change the theme from Dynamik to the stock 2019 theme, the issue goes away and it functions correctly.

So I'm not sure what's happening here. I know of others who are on PHP 7 who are using this plugin without problems (using other themes), and the only thing that seems to make the issue go away is if I stop using the dynamik theme which i don't want to do.

Not sure if anyone can figure out what's causing this to happen - if it's something in Dynamik, Dynamik + plugin or something else?

You can view the issue on the live site here, a page with more than 4 headings and a table of content being inserted:


I just checked out your first link and one thing I noticed is that you have several JS errors on the page (you can see this by opening your browser's developer tools or "Inspector"). I'm not sure if this has anything to do with this (I kind of doubt it), but I figured I'd mention it.

Can you try activating a different Genesis Child Theme instead of the default WordPress Theme? Because when you activate a non-Genesis theme for testing you're actually excluding the Genesis Framework from the test, while activating the Genesis Sample Theme, for example, keeps Genesis in the equation, which is ideal for this kind of testing. Then just let us know your findings.


@eric Sorry for the slow response.

I put the generic genesis theme on there now (still up now), and i'm still seeing issues.

Can you see what might be causing this?


Well that definitely confirms that this is not a Dynamik issue, but a Genesis one. I'm not sure what's causing this inside the Genesis Framework itself, but I would definitely share this with the Genesis Support Team. Not only would they be the ones best suited to provide support for this particular issue, but if it turns out to be a Genesis bug or necessary tweak to their framework to resolve this, then it would be ideal that their team know about this issue.

Also keep in mind that it's possible that this is an issue with the Plugin, maybe not accounting for the various ways that other themes display post/page content. But I can only speculate at this point.

Ok, I'll head on over to the Genesis support page I guess. thanks for at least looking at it.


Sure thing! 🙂

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