Uploading dynamik-parallax-hp-1.jpg.

I’ve uploaded a new image to Dynamik >> Images called dynamik-parallax-hp-1.jpg
but it appears as the default image.

When I change the file name to dynamik-parallax-hp-11.jpg the new image appears in the
but the default image still appears on the home page.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Also, there are three images dynamik-parallax-hp-1.jpg, dynamik-parallax-hp-2.jpg, dynamik-parallax-hp-3.jpg but only the first two appear on the home page.

What is the third image for?


Try clearing your browser cache (hold down the shift key while refreshing your browser).

Regarding your other question, if you view the demo of this Skin you'll see the three images displayed on the homepage: https://dynamikskins.com/product/dynamik-parallax-skin/

Thanks Eric. It works. Except even when I have EZ Select A Fat Footer Layout Disabled there is no image below EZ Home Bottom #1. https://citizensassemblies.ca

Eric, I can't view the dynamik-parallax-hp-3.jpg. I've tried different Select A Static Homepage Layout EZ Home layouts other than the default 1 1 1 but can't see the third image in any layout as in your demo skin.

OK, I've spent hours trying to figure this out. I see the following that is the third image but I have no idea how to implement it.

== BEGIN Widget Area Info ==
Widget Area: Custom Widget Area named "Dynamik Parallax Home Extra"
Widget Type: Custom HTML
Widget Title: The Journey Begins Now!
Widget Content:

We tend to cling to what we can control. And NOT taking that first step toward a better future is a choice many prefer. Yet it is precisely that decision to move closer to the unknown that results in our best and brightest moments.

== END Widget Area Info ==

Yeah, finally! Import Dynamik-Parallax-Custom.zip and call it a day.

Sorry to see all the effort that went into this, but I'm glad to hear you finally got things straightened out. 🙂

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