Functions file not saving in Dynamik

I've come back from a weeks leave and my Functions file can't save. Previously, whenever I've saved my Functions file (with affect admin checked) and its crashed, I've followed the documentation which works fine. But now when I do it, it doesn't make any difference, the saving spins indefinitely. Has this happened to anyone else? I updated all my plugins, reinstalled wordpress and even restored my website (both the database and files) to previous versions which have had no effect on the problem (indicating its a problem that happened further back?). This doesn't make any sense to me. Any known bugs/ideas on why this could be occurring?

Edit: I've restored my site from before there was a problem. So I can't think of any problem other than hosting problem—maybe a permissions error with my server which is upsetting Dynamik's authority to write temporary files and move them into /dynamik-gen/theme/custom-functions.php (if that's how it works)?

What host are you using?


Digital Pacific. They're a reputable, well-regarded hosting service in Australia. I've dropped them a line to see if they have any idea about the problem. If it is a permissions thing it might also explain a previous (as yet unsolved) problem I had with iIDE.

Edit: Interestingly, I am able to save my Custom CSS changes with the Front-end CSS Builder. I'm just not able to save any changes in the dashboard.


I would ask your host if they use ModSecurity, and that if they do could they look at the MS error logs to see if they could pinpoint where MS might be blocking WP admin-ajax, specifically when Dynamik is trying to post to it. If they could then they could whitelist these actions which should allow Dynamik to save without issue. And this would also be related to the iIDE issue like you said, but let see if we can't pinpoint the issue here with Dynamik first.

Thanks. Have passed that on! That's a great help.

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