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RE: Functions file not saving in Dynamik


I would ask your host if they use ModSecurity, and that if they do could they look at the MS error logs to see if they could pinpoint where MS might be blocking WP admin-ajax, specifically when Dynamik is trying to post to it. If they could then they could whitelist these actions which should allow Dynamik to save without issue. And this would also be related to the iIDE issue like you said, but let see if we can't pinpoint the issue here with Dynamik first.

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RE: Genesis Simple Edits wants Genesis v 3.1.0 -

Glad to hear it. Yes, you'll find things like #header has changed to .site-header and stuff like that. Below is part of a function that Dynamik uses to convert all the affected CSS elements from HTML to HTML5. The top array are the HTML5 elements and the bottom array are the pre-HTML5 elements. Hope that helps:

	if( dynamik_get_settings( 'html_five_active' ) )
		$html_markup = array(
			'site_container' => '.site-container',
			'site_header' => '.site-header',
			'title_area' => '.title-area',
			'site_title' => '.site-title',
			'site_description' => '.site-description',
			'nav_primary' => '.nav-primary',
			'nav_secondary' => '.nav-secondary',
			'site_inner' => '.site-inner',
			'content_sidebar_wrap' => '.content-sidebar-wrap',
			'content' => '.content',
			'entry_header_entry_meta' => '.entry-header .entry-meta',
			'entry_footer_entry_meta' => '.entry-footer .entry-meta',
			'pagination' => '.pagination',
			'sidebar_primary' => '.sidebar-primary',
			'sidebar_secondary' => '.sidebar-secondary',
			'site_footer' => '.site-footer',
			'author_box_title' => '.author-box-title',
			'author_box_content' => '.author-box-content',
			'comment_author_link' => '.comment-author span',
			'comment_meta' => '.comment-meta',
			'comment_reply' => '.comment-reply',
			'entry_pings' => '.entry-pings',
			'respond_label' => 'display: block;',
			'search_form' => '.search-form',
			'search_form_search' => '.search-form input[type="search"]',
			'search_form_submit' => '.search-form input[type="submit"]'
		$html_markup = array(
			'site_container' => '#wrap',
			'site_header' => '#header',
			'title_area' => '#title-area',
			'site_title' => '#title',
			'site_description' => '#description',
			'nav_primary' => '#nav',
			'nav_secondary' => '#subnav',
			'site_inner' => '#inner',
			'content_sidebar_wrap' => '#content-sidebar-wrap',
			'content' => '#content',
			'entry_header_entry_meta' => '.post-info',
			'entry_footer_entry_meta' => '.post-meta',
			'pagination' => '.navigation',
			'sidebar_primary' => '#sidebar',
			'sidebar_secondary' => '#sidebar-alt',
			'site_footer' => '#footer',
			'author_box_title' => '.author-box strong',
			'author_box_content' => '.author-box p',
			'comment_author_link' => '.comment-author cite',
			'comment_meta' => '.commentmetadata',
			'comment_reply' => '.reply',
			'entry_pings' => '#pings',
			'respond_label' => '',
			'search_form' => '.searchform',
			'search_form_search' => '.s',
			'search_form_submit' => '.searchsubmit'
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RE: Genesis Simple Edits wants Genesis v 3.1.0 -

Genesis should auto-update for you. The only thing that would prevent that from happening is if you have Dynamik set to use pre-HTML5 markup. To ensure that setting is set to HTML5 instead, go to Dynamik Settings > General Settings > Genesis HTML5 Markup and make sure the "Activate Genesis HTML5 Markup" option is checked. The Genesis Framework no longer supports non-HTML5 markup so this option is required with the latest version of Genesis. Once this is done you can go to the "Updates" section of your WP Dashboard and see if Genesis is now available to update.

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RE: How to remove padding between EZ widget areas


The EZ Widget Areas use a basic CSS grid layout to position and space the various Widget Areas apart. To have the middle two Widget Areas in the layout you referenced you would just add a little Custom CSS code to your Dynamik > Custom > Custom CSS. Something like the following might do the trick for you, but you can tweak it as necessary:

#ez-home-middle-container .one-half {
	width: 50%;
	margin-left: 0;
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RE: Blog page?


Hmm, that's odd. I've never had to create a special "blog" category and then assign posts to it for this to work. You should be able to just assign a page as your "Posts page" and then it shows your latest blog posts. Maybe you have some odd configuration going on or your posts were created in a unique way? Or maybe I'm just not a WP blog page creating pro and I'm just confused? That's very possible. 🙂

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RE: Blog page?


Setting a blog page as your "Posts page" in Settings > Reading should do the trick. The first thing I would do is try to rule out the Child Theme, in this case Dynamik, just to make sure it's not related to something unique about the Child Theme itself. Then from there I would try to rule out the framework as well (Genesis) by activating the latest default WP theme.

So try installing and activating the Genesis Sample Theme and see if you're still getting the 404 page. I so then try activating the default WP theme. And if that gives you a 404 page as well then we at least know it's not a theme issue at all.

But if any of these changes do in fact fix the problem then this will indicate to us which theme appears to be causing, or at least contributing to, the issue.

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RE: Devkit and Themer Pro Questions


Great question! 🙂

Dynamik is kind of the foundational tool of Cobalt Apps that goes back quite a few years. I started with my "Frugal" Theme back in 2009 which turned into our Catalyst framework in 2010 (that included its "Dynamik' Child Theme) and then finally we moved mostly over to Genesis in 2013 which is when "Dynamik for Genesis" or "Dynamik Website Builder" was born. In addition to Dynamik came the Genesis Extender Plugin which is basically all of the Dynamik Custom Options (this was make sense if you've used Dynamik before), but inside a Plugin.

So first, if you wanted essentially all that Dynamik had to offer, but with DevKit instead, just couple DevKit with our more updated Extender Plugin called "Extender Pro". But setting that aside, Dynamik is a Genesis Child Theme, but you can always export its design as a completely independent, hard-coded Genesis Child Theme. While DevKit on the other hand is a Plugin that actually creates the Genesis Child Theme and kind of sits in the background allowing you to tweak your Child Theme, but it can be removed at anytime, leaving your custom Child Theme design fully in tact.

See the following resources for more: (read the section titled "How Does Genesis DevKit Compare To Dynamik?")

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RE: Devkit and Themer Pro Questions

I think the big misunderstanding here (understandably so, because it can all be quite confusing) is the difference between DevKit and Themer Pro. Genesis DevKit provides hundreds of point-n-click design controls, while Themer Pro does not. Both Themer Pro and DevKit allow you to create custom versions of Genesis Child Themes (DevKit can only create Sample Themes to start, though), but it's what they do AFTER creating the theme that defines their major difference. DevKit provides tons of point-n-click design controls that allow for quick-n-easy, no-coding required, customization of your theme. Themer Pro, on the other hand, focuses on providing you with professional grade custom coding tools and a slick file system UI. And while DevKit does provide some custom coding tools as well, if you want full control over your theme files then Themer Pro is the way to go.

But what's great is that you can use them together. So you can use DevKit to do most of the customizations, but then Themer Pro is there when you need to really dig into your Child Theme's file and folder.

And of course for total control of your files and folders and coding needs you've got Instant IDE, but that's another discussion, I guess. 🙂

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